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“Bringing producers and food-trade together”

Maer Foods is a truly international purveyor of quality chilled, ambient and frozen food products.

Based in the Netherlands, serving the wholesale, catering, food manufacturing and retail trade in
the surrounding areas and countries.

  Our product portfolio encompasses: poultry (cooked and raw),
    boiled and peeled eggs,
    crispy bacon,
    game & venison,
    ready meals,
    oven baked spare ribs,
    ready to eat sandwiches with assorted fillings.


In addition to this we are also able to serve our customers with new and exclusive products.
Whatever our customer is looking for, we will source it and will look to develop new and surprising ‘food’ ideas!
In regards to this we use our knowledge and our worldwide network of producers and food visionaries.

We are open and proactive to both our customers and suppliers to be effective and successful.
Furthermore we are able to work very customised because of our Food-service concept!

Maer Foods "Food-service Concept":

The possibility for different product groups together on one pallet.
Here we provide our customers the transport solution and the ability to buy different products without the problems of minimum order quantities.
And of course the best prices!

If you would like more information about our business or to discuss your requirements then please contact us on 0031 541 358010 or email us at info@maerfoods.nl.



Maer Fine Foods BV • Hanzeweg 5 • 7591 BK DENEKAMP • The Netherlands • Tel. 0031541 - 358010 • Fax. 0031541 - 358011